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Monday, April 6, 2009

I came across these pictures of Stella with a pacifier and just had to post them.

The Majestics lost their game last night. It was a close one. They shouldn't have lost. They were up by 13 at one point. They definitely need to work on their free throws. Next up...Knoxville, Tennessee. I'm taking a basketball break this weekend. E is on his own.


Unknown said...

Come on can't flake on us now just when we need you the most. How are we going to keep up to date with E if you don't go. I think you should pay someone to put it in your blog the minute the game is over.

Unknown said...

Dad, how about if I have E text me with game updates and I'll post them ASAP. Does that work for you?

Unknown said...

I guess. Could you have E text you from the bench during the game?

Unknown said...

Sure, since that's where he'll probably be sitting most of the time.

Unknown said...

That's not very nice...go stand in the corner.

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