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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A girl whose blog I follow has a thing called "Not Me" Mondays. It's sort of a denying confessional (or is it confessing denial?) about things you did(n't) do.

Here is mine (even though it's not Monday)....

I did not take a picture of my husband from the upstairs window - without his knowledge - washing his car while mooning, er, moonlighting as a plumber.

Here is evidence that I didn't do such a thing.

PICTURE DELETED...Sorry if you missed out on the picture of my husband before I deleted it.

See honey, it could have been worse. Yours was waaaay better than this guy's.

I did not buy KC an Easter dress (Eric would kill me)...

And she did not run around in circles like a lunatic trying to tear it off...

I did not take the dress back after taking her picture in it (it was too big for her anyway).

I'm going to start my own thing called, appropriately for today, "I Wonder Why" Wednesdays.


  • ...15-year-old boys tease Eric at school for being tall. Grow up. This is not third grade.

  • ...Eric's friends don't get their driver's permits as soon as they are allowed (hence delaying obtaining their license)

  • ....I would rather write on my blog than iron.

  • ....I don't want to exercise when it's dreary outside (matter of fact, I don't want to do much!)

  • ...teenagers can be so ungrateful.

  • ...I love my teenager even when he's ungrateful.

Email me your Wonder Why's to or write them in the comment section on this blog. I'll post them (anonymously) here. Remember, they can be serious, funny or totally random.

Coming tomorrow...Thankful Thursdays. Tell me what you're thankful for.


Lynette said...

I wonder why 12 year old girls keep calling my house and saying "hello" over and over again. Silly girls!

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