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Saturday, April 4, 2009

B-ball Updates

Apparently I'm going to have to either buy a laptop or start twittering (mobile updates) because according to my dad, updating my blogs every day is not enough. He checks my blog for updates on the games as soon as they are over.

And yes I got the 42 books you sent me in the mail. I'll start reading them as soon as I finish the two library books I have. Thanks for those.

The Majestics lost their game last night by 2 points, lost this morning at 11:30 by about 5 points, won at 4:30, and won at 7:30 tonight. It's now 10:20 PM and I've got to get up at oh-dark-hundred tomorrow morning to get E to a game at 8:15 AM. If they lose that they are out, if they win they move on. E started the 4:30 game and had 6 points, but for the most part has played only minimally in the other games. He played with so much confidence in that game where he had 6 points, but then they didn't play him much the next game, so he got all down on himself.

He'll hang in. I'll make sure of that.

I'm tired. G'night.


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