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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We're Ready for Summer

Yeah, our pool just opened. One step closer to summer!!

Now if the weather would just cooperate. It's supposed to rain for the next five days.

This is not our house (below) but a house on our street. I just LOVE the pink azaleas and I wish they were in front of our house.

Some family news:

My stepdaughter Julie will be graduating with her Masters next week from Loyola-Chicago. So proud of her! She really likes Chicago and, at least for now, plans on staying there and looking for a job. Because she is so close, she comes home for visits quite often so we get to see her smiling face :)

My stepson Jason will be a senior at USC next year. This summer he plans to stay in L.A. to attend summer school and do research work to add to his resume. It's going to be quiet around here without him. Eric is working on getting K.C. in wrestling shape to take Jason's place.

My sister Krista, who still works as a flight attendant and I'm pretty sure by now qualifies for the occupation's term "dinosaur," will be coming to St. Louis 3 or 4 times in May on layovers for work. I'm so excited! They are just quick overnighters, but it'll give us just enough time to have coffee in the morning and go for a walk to do some sisterly catching up. Hopefully she's still speaking to me after the above statement. It's okay, Kris, dinosaurs are good!

So you know my brother Mike got accepted to UCLA, but we just found out he was awarded a scholarship. For what, I'm not sure, and it's not a huge amount of money, but every little bit helps! He will be given the scholarship award at an upcoming ceremony.

My brother Ryan is going into a radiology technician program and has been shadowing at the office of Drs. Kerlan and Jobe, the famous Dodgers, Lakers, Kings and Angels doctors. Ryan, who had a compound fracture of his ankle years ago while playing baseball, certainly will be able to sympathize with his patients!

And Garebo (Gary) is still painting his little heart out! Until recently he was working for quite awhile on Scarlet Johanssen and Ryan Reynold's house up in Beverly Hills or wherever famous people live. He also is constantly working on his own house, because, you know, when you have an ocean view like he does, you get kind of bored and have to shake things up. Move things there, paint things a different color here....

Mom is working as a private nurse for a man in Santa Barbara. He used to live where the famous people live (somewhere up on the hill's all the same to me), but his wife died recently and he moved to be closer to his family. She has to drive quite a ways, but she stays for a few days at a time.

My stepdad Bob still works for the L.A. Kings as a scout and spends a lot of time at their place in Palm Springs, which is beautiful by the way. One of these days I am going to stay there. Maybe even by myself.

My dad still works for the Florida Marlins as an advanced scout, traveling all over. Sometimes when I call him he can't remember where he is and has to check his schedule to find out. My stepmom Trudy often accompanies him. She says it's to check out all the different cities, but we all know it's to police his french fry consumption.

Me, I'm just enjoying life with my hubs, listening to his ensuing adventures of condo construction, waiting for nice weather so I can sit by our pool but dreading the annual bathing suit purchase (who knew I could turn so white and so flabby over the winter?). I'm really into reading now (instead of working out like I should), so if you subscribe to my posts, be sure to click on "Lynne's Letters" in blue at the bottom (or in gray at the top) to go to the actual site. I've been updating my book reviews as soon as I finish a book.

Eric only has about two weeks of school left. He is looking forward to summer, although we won't find out until May 13th if his summer will include basketball. We are anxiously awaiting his appointment. At the end of May, the JV and Varsity teams for next year are already holding basketball camp. We'll know soon whether or not he'll be able to join them.

Eric has a basketball tournament here this weekend. I am this close to keeping him from playing b-ball, only because the practices are i-n-t-e-n-s-e and I just can't sit there and watch him work his heart literally to death. It's not feeling right. At least until May 13th...

That's it for the bit of family news. Sorry. Big family.

Did I forget anyone? If you're in my family and I forgot to mention you, please write and let me know.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tournament Champs!

The Majestics won their tournament this weekend! Don't they look so excited in this picture? I don't know what it is about teenage boys. They have to have a tough look on their face at all times. They really were excited after they won though.

I guess it's not too hard to figure out that Eric is the tall white kid in the back :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

To say that my brother Mike, who is 16 years younger than myself, made a slight detour in his life while growing up is putting it mildly. That is why the following letter he received yesterday means more to him - and to our family - than anyone will ever know.

Dear Michael:

Congratulations! It is our great pleasure to offer you admission to UCLA for the Fall Quarter 2009. You have been admitted to the UCLA College of Letters and Science with Pre Psychology as your academic major.You bring an impressive array of strengths to your academic endeavors. We know that UCLA will benefit from your intelligence, imagination, and energy, and we hope you will choose UCLA for your undergraduate education.UCLA truly is a world-class university. Here you will have access to acclaimed academic departments, a world-renowned faculty, and distinctive research programs. The campus also offers a full range of social and cultural activities and organizations for you to explore. At UCLA, you will be challenged to confront, understand, and master a remarkable range of disciplines that are the measures of a cutting-edge education. Our students consistently remark how UCLA both fulfills their intellectual interests and enhances their personal growth; we invite you to become a part of this extraordinary experience.The
New Bruins Web site provides access to your next step: your formal acceptance of our admission offer. It also includes information about important deadlines and your housing application. For your reference, your UCLA Student ID is shown above. Additionally, please review your Provisional Admission Contract to ensure that you will continue to meet the provisions of our offer of admission.For now, enjoy this moment—it is the beginning of one of the most exciting and memorable chapters in your life. Of course, you are going to learn a lot about the world at UCLA. But more often than you might imagine, UCLA will be where the world learns about you.Welcome to UCLA!

We couldn't be more proud!!!

Way to go, Mike!!!

Basketball news: Eric's team won all three of their games yesterday. So in a few minutes we are headed over to Illinois for a 12:20 game and a 2:30 championship game. E played really well yesterday. Had some great blocks, rebounds and a few points in each game.

Eric took this of me with my girls yesterday :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Who Wears Short Shorts?

I went shopping yesterday to find Eric some shorts. His school allows the kids to wear shorts (no cargos) and tennis shoes the first and last month of school. So starting on Monday he no longer has to wear pants and dress shoes. Did you know that nobody makes shorts for boys who are 6'6"? I did. I bought some at J. Crew anyway, knowing they would be too short. They were.

I didn't want to go home discouraged, so before I left the mall I bought lots of clothes for myself. It helped. I felt a lot better.

He still doesn't have shorts to wear on Monday.

The Majestics have a basketball tournament this weekend. Thankfully it's here in town. The first game is tomorrow at 8 am (who makes these schedules?) at McCluer North, the next one is at 11:30 am at Florissant Valley and there again at 2:30. Eric will probably get most of his playing time in the first game. Remember, his doctor did not give him any restrictions right now. She said if anything changes at his June appointment, then he will not be allowed to play. And of course if the doctor we see on May 13th puts any restrictions on him, that's it. Eric will have to become a golfer.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am extremely and incredibly thankful for Eric's appointment with the cardiologist: May 13th at 1:00 PM.

I asked that they please call if they have any cancellations and I will be there at the drop of a hat...well, within the hour anyway. After breaking it to me that they rarely have cancellations (this is Dr. Braverman we're talking about), they agreed to call in the event they do.

Oh, and did I mention how thankful I am for having a housekeeper! Praise the Lord.

One more thing: If you subscribe to my blog and get the updated posts via email, but you are longing to see my puppies' darling faces as well as my latest book review (which I updated today), click on the big gray "Lynne's Letters" in the email at the top of the post and it should take you to the actual blog site.

And I apologize in advance for this poem, but I'm going to print it anyway. This is what happens when you are sitting in the car, waiting for your son while he is at the trainer and you don't have a book to read. I read it to Eric when he got in the car and he told me it was corny. I'll share it anyway. What does he know.

How Would We Know?

If every day were springtime
and never had we rain
How would we know what beauty was
when it came around again

If every day were summer
and never winter came
How would we know what lovely was
if each day were the same

If every day we smiled
and never had we tears
How would we know that happiness
was something to hold dear

If only we had living
and never we saw death
How would we know the fullness
of our each and every breath

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whole Lotta Nothin'

Hopefully you figured out how to subscribe to this blog. If so, then this got sent to you automatically. Now if you are spoiled (Krista), computer challenged (Mom), or lazy (Ryan), just let me know and I'll enter your email address in the box on the right and click "subscribe" FOR you. Sheesh. Seriously, people are emailing me saying, "Please keep sending me the blog!" If you subscribe, every time I update the blog it will automatically be emailed to you. And it's anonymous too. I have no way of seeing your email address and whether or not you subscribe. So if you're Brad Pitt and you don't want me to tell Angelina that you subscribe to my blog, I think you're safe. (Brad? Hello? Feel free to comment anytime.)

How is this for devastating-but-thankfully-nothing-to-do-with-me-or-my-family-but-still-really-sad news? The 70-year-old lady who bought my house two weeks ago? She died. Can you believe it? My realtor emailed me to let me know. She hadn't even moved in yet. She lived in Ohio and hadn't sold her house. I feel so bad for her. I don't know any details except that the day before the closing she was having some diabetes-related problems and had been in the hospital. But I had no idea she would die. She doesn't have any kids or a husband, so I'm not sure what happens with the house. I guess it goes to her estate. I drove by the house the other day to visit my friend Julie and it looks so sad and lonely. Somebody needs to live there.

Did you know....

...that if you do a whole lotta lunges after not working out for 3 weeks, it's really hard to walk? Don't ask me how I know that.

...that there are now "green" funerals which include a willow or bamboo casket, and the body is embalmed in a non-formaldehyde based fluid? Please, I'm all for recycling, but really. Just spread my ashes in a vegetable garden or turn me into a reusable cloth grocery bag. San Francisco is the first US city to prohibit plastic grocery bags. I could start a new trend there.

...that there is a company that makes flushable cat litter boxes? I mean, it really flushes. Don't believe me? Click here. Ryan, I'm getting you one of these for Milo so when you cat-sit you can skip the gloves and mask routine.

...that I still haven't heard from the doctor about an appointment for Eric? And yes I called and left a message again.

...that I now Twitter? Or is it Tweet. Whatever it is, I do it. Check the sidebar.

...that blogs are the new soap opera? Remember when our moms used to watch soap operas all day (can you say addicted?) Now if I could just figure out how to iron and read blogs at the same time. Hmmm....

Monday, April 20, 2009



Sorry, I have no confessions to make today, just pictures to share.

Stella on the outside looking in....

This plant was given to me by my brother when I had Eric 15 years ago. It's been in desperate need of a transplant to a bigger pot, but you know how that goes. That has not been at the top of my list.

Here it is all floppy and sad....

And here it is in its new home, standing up tall and pretty, with a few pencils and twist ties to give it a boost. (Who said I didn't have a green thumb. Ha!)

I took this picture yesterday of the rain. It's dreary but it sure makes everything lush and colorful. Makes me and my one green thumb want to plant some flowers.

The update on Eric's situation is that I'm still waiting to hear back from Dr. Braverman's nurse. I did speak with her this morning and gave her as much information as I could. She said she will talk to Dr. Braverman and hopefully he'll see Eric soon. The nurse knows I am worried because he is on a select basketball team.

At practice on Saturday - which was THREE hours long - I did tell the coach that Eric should not run suicides (must they call them that?). I told him that Eric's cardiologist is a little (just a little!) concerned about his heart and that she wants him to see another doctor. So until then he will need to sit out when the team runs suicides. I told him that Eric can scrimmage and do drills, but the suicides are just too much. I wasn't sure what the coach would tell the team as to why Eric got to sit out, but it was a moot point since he didn't make anyone run them.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Doctor's Input

Quick update: Spoke with Eric's doctor today. She would like him to see Dr. Braverman, the adult Marfan's specialist. He is a cardiologist at Barnes-Jewish and he is wonderful. When Eric was diagnosed, I saw him so that I could be ruled out for Marfan's. His father died from it, so seeing patients with the disease holds a special meaning for him. He has got to be the sweetest man on the softspoken and gentle. Eric's cardiologist (who specializes in children with Marfan's) just wants to get some input from Dr. Braverman to see what he thinks. We are waiting for a call from their office for an appointment. The two have already spoken about Eric since Dr. Braverman doesn't usually see kids, but has agreed to do so in this case.

I'll let you know when we know anything else!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for:

  • Grace, which means you can't do anything to make God love you MORE and you can't do anything to make God love you LESS.
  • Medical insurance and the fact that I got Eric an individual "kiddie plan" when he was born. Otherwise, when I stopped working and had to get insurance for myself, it would have been extremely difficult to get insurance for him with his Marfan's diagnosis. His $2,000 echocardiograms are covered 100%.
  • The Internet (and Google!)
  • My sweet boy who makes me laugh :) Yesterday we were talking about his heart and how I want him to be careful because I want him around for a long time. He said (in the most casual way), "I wouldn't mind leavin'...then I wouldn't have to go to school." I said, "But then I would MISS you too much!" He said (again, so casually...), "Then come with me." Like he was talking about going to the store. You had to be there. It really was funny because of the way he was saying it. He loves to make me laugh.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eric's Doctor Visit Yesterday

Today is supposed to be "Wonder Why" Wednesday. But yesterday's visit to the doctor has given us something else to wonder about. So technically I guess it still is "Wonder Why" Wednesday, but it's also "wonder what I should do," "wonder what's going to happen," "wonder if he should keep playing basketball," hmmmmm...wonder, wonder bum badumbum bum (mine and Eric's inside joke).

The scoop is that Eric has Marfan Syndrome. What is Marfan Syndrome? Basically it is a genetic connective tissue disorder that can affect, among many parts of the body but most seriously, the aortic root - the area where the aorta goes into the heart. For more info read this

Eric was diagnosed with Marfans at the age of 8. At that time the doctor was very cautious and conservative and told Eric that he couldn't pick up our 18-pound cat because the pressure on his aortic valve was too great. He was told he could play sports then but probably not in high school because of the increased competitiveness and training involved. He had to have an extra set of school books at home because carrying them back and forth in his backpack was too much weight.

Through the years he had echocardiograms (ultrasounds of the heart) every 6 months, which were decreased to once a year when they showed that the diameter of his aortic root was increasing but at a rate consistent with his increasing height and weight. The doctor said it has happened once in her career where she diagnosed a patient with Marfan's and then took away the diagnosis because the patient no longer met the criteria. She told us that Eric no longer met the criteria. Yes he still was taller than average, still had a pectus (concave chest), and still had hyperflexibility in his joints, but all of these things could be individual, inherited characteristics. My whole family is tall, I'm "double-jointed" (hyperflexible) and people who have inverted chests don't necessarily have Marfan's. But he no longer had the major criterium of heart involvement. She still wanted to keep an eye on him and do a yearly echocardiogram since he was so active in sports.

Which brings us to yesterday's yearly check up.

A year ago his aortic root was 2.95 cm. in diameter, which is at the upper level of what it should be. But it has always been at the upper level of what it should be. So the doctor was starting to think his was just bigger than the average person's.

His appointment was at 2:20, which I thought left us enough time for his 4:00 appointment with the personal trainer (for speed and agility training for basketball). Of course they were running behind, so after the echocardiogram I told the technician that we had about 5 minutes before we had to leave. He said he would let the doctor know. So I'm thinking, if we have to leave she can just call us with the results, which I'm sure will be no different than in the past.

Minutes later, she walks in with tears in her eyes and says, "It's not good." "It's grown. A lot."

She was sad for Eric because she knows how important sports are to him. He cried when he was younger and she told him he might not be able to play sports in high school. She has been following him since he was 8.

She tried to explain to Eric how serious this is, that it is potentially fatal. He could DIE on the court. That's how she said it to him. Because I think she thinks that both of us are in denial. And I think we kind of are.

His aortic root grew 1 cm. in a year. It is now 3.95 (Eric was so funny, he said "that was my grade point average last semester.") When it gets to 5 cm., patients have open heart surgery to have their aortic valve replaced. She told Eric it's like a balloon...the bigger it gets, the thinner it gets, and the more likely it is to explode. And that's exactly what can happen. It's called aortic dissection and it's fatal. Read this for an article about a Louisville basketball player who was diagnosed with Marfan's.

We're not sure why or how Eric got Marfan's. It's usually inherited, and since I was tested and do not have it, it's possible he inherited from his dad's side of the family. I do know that his paternal great-uncle, who was 6'11", died at age 39 of "heart failure" as did his paternal great-grandmother at age 65 and great-great-grandmother. But I don't know the details. Heart failure is such a general term. I don't know if they possibly could have had Marfan's and had aortic root dissection.

So where do we stand now? I told the doctor that we were on our way to an appointment with the trainer. She knows that Eric is on a travel basketball team. She knows that he plays for his high school team. She knows that he is signed up for the UCLA basketball camp at the end of June. She is trying to be a doctor and do what is right for her patient, but she is also the mother of a teenage boy. She knows how much this will change Eric's life. So she doesn't say anything about stopping the things he is doing now. But she tells us to come back in two months, before camp, for another echocardiogram. She was very firm about one thing. She said if his aortic root grows even 1 millimeter, that is it. No more sports.

So I wonder:

Do I continue paying $65 a visit for a training session that is possibly contributing to the enlargement of his aortic root, especially when we don't even know what his basketball future holds?

Do we tell the basketball coach of his travel team that he has this? The doctor said she'll leave that up to us. Eric says no because he doesn't want to give the coach any more reason not to play him. But what if he has to stop running "suicides" at practice because he's short of breath or his chest hurts? The doctor told him that if he does he absolutely must stop.

Should he quit the team right now? They play all the way through July. The doctor said let's wait until the June echocardiogram. But is that smart?

Hmm...I wonder.
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Monday, April 13, 2009

NOT ME! Monday


I did not hurt my back yesterday while twisting around to the back seat of the car while my foot was on the brake.

And because I did not do that...

I did not just have the best massage at Stonewater Spa an hour ago because I felt sorry for myself (and because I had a gift certificate.) Huh, uh! No way.

I did not feel guilty lying on the massage table with a eucalyptus-drenched towel draped across my eyeballs while someone was massaging my feet, because my husband was slaving away at work and he would give anything to have someone do that! No guilt whatsoever.

I did not enjoy for one minute being without child for the weekend and chauffering no one around but myself. I would never do such a thing.

I did not just order the new book "Columbine" from the library even though I announced I was taking a "true crime" hiatus. Nope, wasn't me.

I did not read in the paper that Ricky Schroeder from the movie Champ turned 39 today. Because if I did then I would feel really old. So I did not.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009


I went to the Easter service at Grace church to say hi to God. He remembered me. And the service was AMAZING.

After winning two games (see posts from yesterday), the Majestics moved on to bracket play today with an 8:00 game this morning. They lost by 18 to the #3 team in the nation. E had 2 points. Hey, at least he played and scored, right? They are headed back to the hotel now and then will board the bus for an 8-hour ride back to St. Louis. Mmm, mmmm, glad I'm not on that bus right now.

I forgot to mention Krista and the kids' appearance on the TV show Extra! Good thing I tivo'd it because it was so short that if I blinked, I would miss it! It was cute though. I tried to find it on the Extra website so I could post it here, but to no avail. I'll keep checking.

Eric is signed up to go to the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) basketball camp at UCLA at the end of June. He is so excited about playing in the Pauley Pavilion and staying in the dorms there.

I forgot to tell my family that at Eric's basketball banquet at school, the coach, in his first year of coaching, said that his proudest moment of the season was when they beat Riverview Gardens, which is in a very oppressed part of town, and "the fans" (mostly made up of my family) gave them a standing ovation and congratulated the coach afterwards for a tough, well-played game. Their coach was so appreciative of the handshakes and thoughtful words of encouragement for the challenging job he had of teaching basketball to kids who had more to worry about outside of school than any kid should have. Thank you, family, for being so kind :) It did not go unnoticed.

You know you're getting old when your husband announces that he has big plans that night for the two of you and you are so excited (and relieved) when instead of a night out on the town with another couple, he says you're going to Sam's. Woo hoo!!

I don't know which was funnier, watching little KC chase a big coyote out of our yard or watching Eric, in his bare feet, try to run out there and shoot it with a BB gun.

Just so you know, I've changed my settings so you can leave a comment now without having to write some weird word that you see to verify that you are who you are. I didn't know you could change that, so NOW, not only does it make it easier for you to comment but it also sends me an email of your comment so I won't miss anything you have to say. How special is that?

Here's a "funny":

When I was ill, my husband and I were stuck in the house for months. But I made a complete recovery and was so happy the day he bounded into the kitchen and asked, "Would you like to go out, girl?"

"I'd love to," I replied immediately.

We had a wonderful meal, culminating with my husband making a confession. "Remember when I suggested going out tonight?" he asked.

"Yes," I said.

"I was talking to the dog." (By Anita Saunders)

This video is so cute. Makes me laugh every time I see it...

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tournament Update


The Majestics beat a team from Atlanta by 4, so they go on to bracket play tomorrow. E said he didn't play for even a second. He sounded down compared to how he sounded after the game where he scored 8 points. I don't get the coach's strategy, but Eric plays so much better when he has confidence. Why would he not play him in this game too! Oh yeah, I'm not the coach. Forgot.

Last night the Majestics played a team from Chicago, one of the top ten teams in the nation and on which Derek Rose, with the Chicago Bulls, played. E's team lost to them by 2 points. He had very limited playing time in that one.

This morning's game was against a team from South Carolina and the Majestics beat them by 29. E had 8 points.

I'll let you know later how this afternoon's game goes.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

If your eyes are on the visually challenged side, you can click to enlarge the cartoon. My dad sent me this. Love it.

I put Eric on a bus at 5:00 this morning for Knoxvayle, Tennesay!! Gotta say it with an aksayant... or don't say it all! (Reminds me of the basketball team I saw wearing T-shirts that said "Play Hard or Go Home." I like it.)

E was really disappointed I wasn't going and gave me the whole guilt trip via text messages - there are a bunch of parents on the bus with us, I wish you would have come, etc. Oh well, next time.

In the meantime, PARTAY!! Whilst treating me to a lovely ride on the guilt trip express, Eric said, "Well I guess you're going to have a nice break from me." Uh-huh. I told him I was going to stay out late and party it up! He just laughed. He knows I'll be in bed by 10. Perfect, just about the time they start their first game of the tournament, I'll be cozyin' up with my latest true crime novel. Ten o'clock is awful late for a game...for me anyway.

I'll keep you updated on tonight's game, and tomorrow's games are at 10:30 and 2:30.

Wow, I just got a text from my son as I'm writing this. They are still on the bus and are now in Tennessee. Does he tell me how beautiful the Smoky Mountains are? No, his text says Just saw the Tennessee Titans stadium. So cool!!

That's my boy.

As a side note, Eric told me the other day that he can now dunk. I'll have to see it for myself, because knowing Eric there is probably some kind of disclaimer that needs to be added, such as *while standing on someone's shoulders* or something.

Oh, and the signature? It's one of the many names given to me by my dad. I also go by Lyndzey Moejoeller or Lyndzey McGillicutty, amongst others. But Lyndzey McGurk is one of the shorter (and nicer) names he calls me. Ha!
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday (and my family on TV tonight!)

Ya'll tune in to ABC either tonight or tomorrow night (not sure which yet) to watch the TV show EXTRA. My sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew are on vacation in New York. They were down at the pool at 9:00 this morning when television cameras and crew showed up, along with Michael Phelps' mom and sister. Mrs. Phelps is promoting a book she wrote that is coming out today. Krista, Maysie and Mark were filmed asking Mrs. Phelps questions. How cool is that? Mark had to ask her if Michael had to do chores when he was growing up. They had a blast doing it, and Mrs. Phelps hugged all of them afterwards and told Krista that she has a friend who lives on Longfellow in Hermosa Beach, where my sister lives.

It's funny, too, because a hundred years ago, Krista, my friend Megan, and myself were on EXTRA when the crew showed up at a Manhattan Beach bar where we happened to be. We weren't exactly promoting a book but instead Red Bull martinis. :)

Here is a picture Krista sent me from New York


I'm thankful for...

Nice weather
Starbucks hazelnut latte's at 4PM, and if that doesn't work...
Just groomed puppies
My friends, even though I don't see them much, I am ever thankful for them
Blogging, because I have so much fun with it
The pool man, who brings dog treats every time he comes
My health
The ability to delete pictures from my blog since hubs wasn't too happy with the one I posted yesterday. I thought it was cute, but he said I'm the only one who does. (Hope ya got a chance to see it before I deleted really was cute :)

Most of all I'm thankful for another day.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A girl whose blog I follow has a thing called "Not Me" Mondays. It's sort of a denying confessional (or is it confessing denial?) about things you did(n't) do.

Here is mine (even though it's not Monday)....

I did not take a picture of my husband from the upstairs window - without his knowledge - washing his car while mooning, er, moonlighting as a plumber.

Here is evidence that I didn't do such a thing.

PICTURE DELETED...Sorry if you missed out on the picture of my husband before I deleted it.

See honey, it could have been worse. Yours was waaaay better than this guy's.

I did not buy KC an Easter dress (Eric would kill me)...

And she did not run around in circles like a lunatic trying to tear it off...

I did not take the dress back after taking her picture in it (it was too big for her anyway).

I'm going to start my own thing called, appropriately for today, "I Wonder Why" Wednesdays.


  • ...15-year-old boys tease Eric at school for being tall. Grow up. This is not third grade.

  • ...Eric's friends don't get their driver's permits as soon as they are allowed (hence delaying obtaining their license)

  • ....I would rather write on my blog than iron.

  • ....I don't want to exercise when it's dreary outside (matter of fact, I don't want to do much!)

  • ...teenagers can be so ungrateful.

  • ...I love my teenager even when he's ungrateful.

Email me your Wonder Why's to or write them in the comment section on this blog. I'll post them (anonymously) here. Remember, they can be serious, funny or totally random.

Coming tomorrow...Thankful Thursdays. Tell me what you're thankful for.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I came across these pictures of Stella with a pacifier and just had to post them.

The Majestics lost their game last night. It was a close one. They shouldn't have lost. They were up by 13 at one point. They definitely need to work on their free throws. Next up...Knoxville, Tennessee. I'm taking a basketball break this weekend. E is on his own.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

B-ball Updates

Apparently I'm going to have to either buy a laptop or start twittering (mobile updates) because according to my dad, updating my blogs every day is not enough. He checks my blog for updates on the games as soon as they are over.

And yes I got the 42 books you sent me in the mail. I'll start reading them as soon as I finish the two library books I have. Thanks for those.

The Majestics lost their game last night by 2 points, lost this morning at 11:30 by about 5 points, won at 4:30, and won at 7:30 tonight. It's now 10:20 PM and I've got to get up at oh-dark-hundred tomorrow morning to get E to a game at 8:15 AM. If they lose that they are out, if they win they move on. E started the 4:30 game and had 6 points, but for the most part has played only minimally in the other games. He played with so much confidence in that game where he had 6 points, but then they didn't play him much the next game, so he got all down on himself.

He'll hang in. I'll make sure of that.

I'm tired. G'night.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Proud of E's name being mentioned in the Post-Dispatch for their "A" Student program. He gets two free Cardinals tickets. Good job E.

Click here to see story about my stepson Jason and his frat at USC.

Most of you know who Brian is, some of you know the story about how we met, but not everyone knows what is going on his life. So...

Brian is Eric's "big brother" through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. The two of them were not matched in the conventional way, which is to complete the paperwork, go through interviews and be on a two-year waiting list. I sort of, um...well, I met him in a bar. We were at a happy hour birthday get-together for a mutual friend of a friend. We ended up talking, and he told me how he was on the board of the Big Brothers program and that he had his second "little brother" at that time who was 14. I was dating Larry at the time, but I thought what a neat guy, and they're hard to come by. So I thought 'there's just got to be someone I can set him up with.' He told me he was single, so I got his phone number and told him I would try to set him up with someone. I did that, and they went to a concert or something, but it was not a love connection. And that was that.

A year later I found his phone number in a drawer. Larry and I were not dating at the time. I KNOW what you're thinking, but I was not interested in a date (that was the last thing I needed). I did, however, feel that Eric, who was 7 then, needed a male figure in his life. I called Brian up and asked him if there was any possible way he would consider taking on Eric as his "little brother." And Brian - as a testament to how seriously he took such a commitment - said, "Let me think about it and I'll call you back." He already had one "little." His name was Matt and he was 15. Most people don't have the time (and money!) to take on two boys. They are expected to meet with the kids between 1-4 times a month and to call in between and really connect with them. It's a HUGE commitment.

Brian called me back a day or two later and agreed to take on Eric. Since Matt was 15 and wanted to hang out with his friends more and was kind of outgrowing the program a bit, he would have time to spend with Eric. We did go through the Big Brothers protocol of paperwork and interview to make it "official," but of course we bypassed the matching part because we matched ourselves :)

And boy what a match it has been. Three words to describe their common interest? SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS

For awhile the three of them - Matt, Eric and Brian - did things together. Then Matt turned 16, got his license, got a girlfriend and, well, you know how that goes.

Here is Eric (age 7) and Brian on their first outing.

So that's the story of how Brian came into our lives.

And he has stayed a part our lives because of the kind of person he is.

He has been a constant, not only in Eric's life but in mine as well. He has seen the ups and downs of mine and Larry's relationship (moving in, moving out, getting engaged, breaking up). He was sad when I told him at one point that Eric and I were going to move back to California. There was even a time when he said it would be best for everybody if he stepped back and let Larry become more of a father figure to Eric. It didn't take long before I called him and told him we needed him back in our lives. And he was there. He went through a lot with us, and I'm glad he did. We needed him. Both of us. All of us!

People were always curious about my relationship with Brian. They would always ask why I didn't hook up with him myself (when Larry and I were in our "off" mode). Even 7-year-old Eric said, "Mom, why don't you just marry him?!" (as if liking sports is enough reason to marry someone). It's very simple, and I think Brian agrees. There was never a love connection between us. For one thing, Brian was very professional about his Big Brothers comittment. He would never cross the line like that. Also, Larry and I were still very connected even when we were broken up. But seriously, Brian and I have always had such a huge respect for each other and loved our friendship so much that we never wanted to risk losing that. So there's that story.

And now? He's part of our family. He goes to all of Eric's games. I can't tell you how many times people thought he was my husband. (Ask Brian. We're used to it now.) Admittedly, I did not marry a sports addict (I think you can only have one per family). Larry comes to games when he can, but Brian is always there. He's gone to football banquets and basketball get-togethers, he's watched basketball tryouts and gone to I don't know how many football, baseball, basketball and even soccer games when Eric was little. Soccer is not his favorite sport, but he still went. :)

What else?
He's gone golfing with my dad.
He's had dinner with my family when they've come here from California.
He's driven my mom to the airport.
He comes to all of our SuperBowl and NCAA parties at our house.
Eric and I have spent Memorial Day with his family at their house on the lake.
We've gone to his house to watch the World Series or a big football game.
He was at our wedding last year.

You get it. He's part of our family. The best part about it is my husband's understanding and acceptance and his welcoming of Brian into our family. He knows that I am obsessed with sports. He knows that Brian loves sports (I'll let him admit the obsession level...I don't know). And he is perfectly fine with me going to some random high school basketball or football championship game with Brian and Eric even though we don't know anyone who is playing in it. Just because we love sports. I'm so lucky. I'm so blessed that I have them both...a husband I love and adore, and a friend for life.

The big news in Brian's life? He's getting married in August! And Eric will be part of his wedding. I'm excited to add another member to our family. All I can say is, I hope she likes sports. If she doesn't...

Well, we'll just have to teach her.

Her name is Marlys and she is from Columbia, South America. Brian goes there a lot to see her. I know because that's the only time he misses Eric's games. I forgive him though (ha!) He deserves to find that special someone. He has so many special qualities and so much to give. And there's one thing Marlys can be sure of...

He'll always be there.

And so will we.

Love you guys!

Here is Brian and Eric last year (age 14), but I need a recent pic because Eric is about 6 inches taller than Brian now :)

A cute dog joke:


I pulled into the crowded parking lot at the Super WalMart Shopping Center and rolled down the car windows to make sure my Golden Retriever pup had fresh air... She was stretched full-out on the back seat and I wanted to impress upon her that she must remain there. I walked to the curb backward, pointing my finger at the car and saying emphatically, "Now you stay. Do you hear me?" "Stay...Stay..."

The driver of a nearby car, a pretty blonde young lady,
gave me a strange look and said,"Why don't you just put it in 'PARK?'"

Here is Eric's b-ball schedule for the tournament this weekend:

Friday at 7:45 PM

Saturday at 11:30 AM

Saturday at 4:30 PM

Click here for address and directions to Sports Center in Affton


I can't believe it. I'm homeless. I mean, I'm home-less. I'm less a home. My house is no longer my home. I'm rich!! Just kidding. Hardly...I only sold it for $4,500 more than I bought it for 5 years ago. I'm just thankful it sold at all. It was weird to go through the house today, one last time. I took a few pictures. It's hard to believe I reared (chickens are raised, remember that) Eric in that house from the time he was born and now 15 years later it belongs to someone else. It wasn't sad to leave it -- it's just a different chapter in my life -- but it is weird to live somewhere for such a long time and then leave for good. Actually, that's been my house longer than any other house I lived in growing up. Except for the few years in between of moving in and moving out, for 15 years it's been my home. It served us well, I must say.
Bye house...

Click here to see slideshow of Miami pics...
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