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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Ummm....somebody has not been keeping up to date on their chart. Not to name names, but *he* claims he's been concentrating on baseball (if that's what you call watching TV after school) and hasn't had time to play basketball or work out.

Surprisingly, he made first cuts today, and I say that because when the coach was watching him yesterday during tryouts, Eric threw a pitch that sailed over the catcher's head. So he pretty much thought that was the end of it. Guess the team needs a pitcher who will keep the batters on their toes. :)

AAU basketball tryouts on Saturday for the Swarm from 8-10 AM (thank goodness for coffee) and the Eagles from 4-6 PM.

Tonight, Brentwood plays Maplewood in the District semifinals. These teams are rivals and the matchup always makes for an interesting game. Maplewood beat the last seeded team by 70 points the other day. Brentwood only lost to Maplewood by 8 the last time they played them. Hopefully Taylor will be on his GAME! Go Eagles!

On a side note, I'm really sorry for the cows who are impregnated and have their babies taken away from them right away only to be hooked up to milking machines, but soy milk just isn't workin' for me.

Did you know we change the clocks back an hour this Saturday night? Do you know how happy it makes me when it doesn't get dark until 7 or 8 o'clock? Do you? I don't want to hurry the passage of time (Lord knows I'm old enough as it is), but the fact that I survived another year of winter makes me feel like KC's tail when she sees us...wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. That reminds me of when Maysie asked me if KC has a battery in her butt. It doesn't stop. Anyhoo, that's how happy I am. Yeah SPRING!!!


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