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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Okay, real quick:

E didn't make the Eagles, which he knew he probably wouldn't. Three separate parents have told me that the coaches already know who they are going to pick before they even have tryouts. They pick the best of the best from all over. Again, Larry Hughes, Bryant Allen, and Tyler Hansbrough played for them. I am SO proud of Eric though because he definitely gave them a run for their money. The 12 or 13 that did get picked looked like grown men, with huge gigantic muscles. Supposedly they were only 15, but they looked like they were 18. Only one kid they picked was white. One black kid who was about 6'9" didn't make it, nor did a little guard who I was certain would get picked. He was quick and hustled and was just all over the court, scrambling for loose balls. He was so disappointed. A kid named Demetrius who Eric played with in CYC made first cuts like Eric, but didn't make the final team. We have seen the same kids at all of these different tryouts. So Eric isn't the only one not making it. He's got one more tryout tonight and I'm sure we'll see all the same kids there who haven't made the other teams.

Taking Eric after school today to a sports performance training center called Hammerbodies. It includes a nutrition session as well. Hopefully he'll be dedicated. After that we're off to basketball tryouts.

(Hi honey...remember me?)


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