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Monday, March 30, 2009

I just have a quick minute to update, as we just got home from Hammerbodies (trainer) and are on our way to basketball practice.

We got home from Memphis at 8:00 last night and I've been doing laundry and such, so I haven't had a chance to download pics and video from my cameras yet, but I'll do that tomorrow.

Memphis was a lot of fun, and all I can say is, it's a good thing I like basketball because I saw lots of it. Eric had three games on Saturday. They won one and lost two. On Sunday, they won one and lost one. Not bad considering they only had three practices. The kids just learned each other's names.

Before the first game on Saturday, Eric and I were watching the game before his. He leaned over and said to me, "This is not basketball." AAU ball is so much different than high school ball. It's so quick and crazy; it's like street ball. After playing, Eric said, "It's like playing with a bunch of little Kobe's running around." These kids are really good. It'll be good for Eric, but he just needs to get used to the pace. He only played a few minutes of each game. The coach mostly played the kids who were on the team last year. E was discouraged at first - "I'm not going to Tennessee." (They have a tournament there next week). He said, "Why should I if I'm just going to sit on the bench." I felt bad for him, but later on the drive home he said he's not going to give up. (That's good because I wasn't going to let him anyway!)

Got a call from our realtor about my house that we're supposed to close on this Wednesday. He said the lady who is buying it is in the hospital in a diabetic coma. It turns out that she will be fine. She is stressed out because of the move (she's moving from Omaha), she is 70 years old, doesn't have any children or family, and she's just a wreck. She was having second thoughts. Poor thing. I feel for her, but I don't want my house payment anymore!

Gotta go!


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