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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Stella at a doggie playdate. Not her cup of tea. She is definitely an introvert.

KC, on the other hand, was busy jumping over hurdles...

One of Eric's tryouts...

This cartoon is in honor of Ryan and Eric.

E made first cuts last night for the Majestics. He sprained his ankle though, and was hobbling a bit when I dropped him off at school this morning, so I'm not sure what his plans are as far as trying out again tonight.

At the trainer's yesterday they measured him and he is just a bit over 6'5", so with shoes - and according to him - his official height is 6'6".

I wish I could have gotten KC on video when she was chasing a huge yellow lab from our backyard. This lab was just running for its life. We were all laughing hysterically.

Eric, his friend Addison, and myself are leaving for Miami for a few days of sunshine for spring break - March 23rd through the 26th. Staying at the Loews Hotel.


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