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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Decorating and Diets

My mom was in town to help Larry with his condos. The cabinets and granite and floors are in. She had two days to pick out paint and light switch plates and knobs and handles for bathrooms, kitchen and bar for two separate colors of condos...a dark colored one and a light colored one. There are 6 total - 3 will be dark and 3 will be light. Mine and my mom's favorite is the light one, but they are both beautiful. I'll take pictures when they're finished.

This picture is of my mom, working until the last minute, picking out paint for the condo lobby before I drop her off at the airport. Yesterday they left at 9 in the morning and got home at 10:30 last night. The employees at Lowe's had to kick them out. There aren't too many people who could spend as much time together as those two and still be on speaking terms. My mom is a perfectionist and spends lots of time making decisions, and he doesn't understand why anyone cares what color a switchplate is or the difference between a creamy white and a white white. But they've been doing this for so long that they've figured each other out. Plus he knows that the results will be worth it. This is the fifth project she's done for him (us)...the beach house, my house, his apartments in Clayton, the ones in Chesterfield and now these condos. Next project: OUR HOUSE!!

Here are my sweet girls...acting as if they like each other

Eric went to the nutrition portion of his Hammerbodies training session today. It was funny when the guy asked what Eric eats for after-school snack and a snack before bed. " cream and...uh, ice cream." Hmm...okay, what do you eat on the weekends for dinner? "Umm...Taco Bell or Popeye's or McDonald's."
And WHY is it that you can't gain weight?? I don't get it. But the nutritionist does. He said Eric can eat ALL of those things, but he ALSO has to eat protein and carbs in addition to the junk. So it's fine, but he also has to give his body the foods it needs. He said Tyler Hansbrough (plays for UNC) came in there and weighed 185 and when he was finished with them he weighed 245. Eric has 4 1/2 percent body fat. Wow. I think I have that in my big toe. He's got lots of work to do, but he seems willing to do it. The training-training part (weights, etc.) starts next Friday after we get back from Miami.


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