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Friday, March 6, 2009


Eric said that the 130 kids who tried out for baseball include kids trying out for the JV team, i.e. sophomores and/or freshman who think they can make the JV team. There were 40 kids cut yesterday, so Eric is one of 34 left. He said of the 34 kids, 19 of them are trying out for pitcher. E ended up trying out for 1st base after all. Not sure why he decided to do that. I guess he figured his chances were better if he also played another position. Said he did really well fielding, which doesn't surprise me. He's got great "soft" hands and it's hard for anyone to miss a 6'6" target over there. I asked how he did with hitting...this is funny...he said, "Well for me I did great, but compared to the others..." Like I said, he's no Albert Pujols. I don't know when the next cuts are - maybe this afternoon - or how many more cuts they will have or how many kids they will have on the team. Stay tuned.

Brentwood lost by 30 points last night. Yikes.

Eric told me last night, "Mom, you need to sign me up with a trainer." I said, "I will." We had discussed that he would start really working out with a trainer after he finds out whether or not he makes baseball. He said, "No, I mean TODAY." When I asked why, he said the assistant principal came up to him yesterday and told him to be sure to really start working out and eating a lot. He said, "You've really got your height goin' for you so use it to your advantage." I mean, they've got the whole school hounding him! It's funny. You just can't ignore how tall he is, so it's like they are really counting on him for basketball next year. I said to Eric, "Wow, no pressure or anything, huh?" He just laughed.

Met with some people yesterday about the dog park. See my dog park website on the right.


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