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Friday, February 27, 2009


Kris, this cartoon is for you :) (Double click on it to enlarge)

Real quick, since I need to do some errands...

Eric dissected a baby pig this week. At one point he and his partner had to cut into each side of the pig's jaw and then break it open. Eric made his partner do it. Don't blame him a bit...eww.

Someone stole $27,000 from a locked safe - in a locked office - at Eric's school. The boys had spent a week holding different contests and having a yard sale in order to raise money for the mission group which takes a bunch of the boys to places like Honduras. Since $8,000 was stolen in 2007, again right after "Mission Week" and nobody was caught, I'm thinkin' this is an inside job and they'd better find out who did it...OR ELSE. (It's so upsetting!)

Last night Eric was talking on Facebook with a UCLA basketball player. I don't remember his name and Eric is at school. It was somebody that doesn't play a lot, but Eric was chattin' back and forth with him and thought it was very cool :) He got off his computer and went downstairs to work out. Love that motivation!

Found THE neatest website. It's It's a website where they have all kinds of interests groups - thousands of groups across the nation - that you can join. Someone organizes the group and then holds meetings, posting the times, dates, places online, allows you to RSVP yes, no or maybe, and then even reminds you when the meeting is coming up. They've got specific pet groups, broad interest pet groups, reading groups, Harley groups, business groups, fitness groups, diet groups, singles groups, people new to the area groups, Salsa dancing groups, I mean the list goes on and on. They even have Bill O'Reilly fan groups. Check it out just for fun. I've RSVP'd for the small dog group for a get-together next weekend. Sometimes they go on walks or if the weather is bad they meet up at different doggie daycares in the area. The small dog requirement is dogs under 25 pounds. I told Larry that Stella may not meet the requirement since she's such a "big" girl. He took offense to that.

Eric is trying out for a couple of different AAU basketball teams next weekend. We'll keep you posted.

Tryouts for school baseball start on Monday. Eric said he saw the roster of names and doesn't feel too confident about making it because of his hitting skills (or lack thereof). We'll keep you posted about that as well.

I need to measure E's height again. We went Julie's house the other night for a Brentwood basketball team dinner (she is a saint, by the way). Their tallest player, Thomas Stubbs, is listed on the roster as 6'7". All teams bumps up the players' heights on their rosters, so let me tell you that Stubbs is not 6'7" but he is probably 6'6". Eric walks by him and it was obvious that he is taller than Stubbs. Several parents have said to me, "I think Eric's grown." Time to get out the measuring tape.

Oh, and just so you have something else to read, I've started another blog, a journal-type blog about trying to open a dog park. I thought it would help motivate me.

Larry's condos in Clayton are really coming along. He said they should be ready by the end of March. I'll try to take some pics and post them here.

If you haven't seen Slumdog Millionnaire, GO SEE IT! You will not be disappointed.

Happy Friday.


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