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Friday, February 6, 2009

First and foremost, here's wishing a speedy recovery to my sis, who took a vacation to Maui thinking she'd be lounging poolside, sipping margaritas, and instead ended up in the hospital after an 18-hour migraine and an hour ambulance ride. The CT scan showed nothing (sorry, Kris, just a joke). Get well soon and just be glad you weren't in Mexico or Nigeria or somewhere.

E's team beat Chaminade last night 49-22 or something like that. E had a really good game, scoring 10 points in the first half. Since it was their last game, the coach let all the other kids play, so that was it for E. I think he only played a minute the second half. The parents were so sad it was over. The season was way too short. Eric told his coach after the game that he wasn't going to play next year. The coach said, "what?!" Eric said, "Yeah, I'm declaring myself eligible for the NBA." The coach laughed. Interestingly, though, the assistant varsity coach, who was watching Eric hit every shot during warmups before the game, pulled him aside and asked him a bunch of questions: How tall are you? How tall is your family? How tall are you supposed to be? And then he told him to work out and eat a lot this summer. Not sure what he is thinking - if he is just planning ahead a few years, or what, but I do know Eric is the tallest player of all the JV and freshman kids, and I'm sure the coach zeroed right in on him because of that (I know, Eric, that and your awesome shooting form.)

The DeSmet White Team ended up with a 13-7 record.

Daylight Savings is March 8th - Longer days....YES!!!

Julie Lipsitz's friend Gina is getting married in September so she has been looking at bridal magazines. Imagine her surprise when she was looking at this month's edition of St. Louis' Best Bridal and saw pictures and a story on Larry and I. We didn't even know our photographer sent them pictures, and I guess they used the online story on us from a year ago. Check it out for yourself at Walgreens, Borders, etc. It has a light blue cover and says "Best Bridal" in big letters. Or you can save yourself time and money and click on the pictures below to enlarge them (smile).

In these tough economical times, my family is on a budget. Our new motto is The Fun is in the WANTING. Whatever... I'm not having fun. Although I did go to the library yesterday instead of Borders and it was pretty fun. I'm reading three books at a time right now. (See booklist.) I don't know how anyone can go to the library and only check out one book. But now I only have two weeks to read three books. I'd better start reading...

Something for the ladies: I found a great new (cheap) mascara. For years I've been a diehard Lancome mascara fan, but with my new budget I've gone the Loreal route. Their Define-A-Lash mascara in the green tube works great. Try it. At Walgreens.

I'm following a sad story I saw on Dateline last week about a guy, David Goldman, who met and married a Brazilian girl while he was modeling in Milan. They had a child together, and were living in New Jersey. But the girl, unbeknownst to him, was miserable, and she ended up kidnapping their son and taking him to Brazil. For years the guy tried to get his son back. In the meantime the girl met and married another man, and they had a baby together, but 8 hours after the baby's birth the girl died. So you would think the dad could get his son - an American citizen - back THEN. But the Brazilian government refused to do anything about it even though there was an American court order. I've been following the blog, and some American government official has gotten involved and yesterday accompanied the guy to Brazil to get his son. Apparently these international kidnappings happen all the time. What's crazy is that the stepdad and his father are both lawyers and are major advocates for people whose kids have been kidnapped. Ludicrous.


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