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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bones and Basketball

This is a short video of KC eating her bone on top of my head. She is crazy.

Went to a fun team dinner the other night with Eric's basketball team. One of his teammate's parents hosted it at their house and everyone brought a dish. Even the coach came, which was really nice. Apparently the parents on our freshman team were much closer and friendlier to one another than the parents on the other freshman team. We all sat together at the games and chatted before and after. We cheered for every kid when they did well and felt bad when they didn't. We were...well, we were a team! We weren't ready for the season to be over, thus the team dinner. We also gave our coach a beautifully framed picture of him coaching during a game. It was his first year coaching, and we thought he did a fantastic job.

During the get-together, Brian and I spoke with the coach and he told us that he recommended Eric to the other coaches for next year. I guess that's why the one coach came up to Eric before the last game and told him to eat a lot and work out this summer. Not sure why it was the varsity coach that told him that. I don't THINK they're talkin' varsity for him next year, but what a vote of confidence that he will likely make the JV team?? There will only be about 15 spots. The coach said Eric definitely has the skills and obviously the height, but (of course he's heard it a hundred times before) he just needs to bulk up. Last night I heard him working out in his room with a dumbbell (no, I don't mean Larry..just kidding honey!) at 11:00. He plays basketball right after school, no matter what the temperature is. Yesterday it was 35. He's also been trying to drink a lot of shakes. So he's TRYIN'!


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