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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Waiting for "Change"

Well, as of tomorrow I will be one of the millions in this country who is uninsured. Got turned down by GHP, United Healthcare and Blue Cross because of my back pain 4 years ago and my anxiety. Hopefully Obama will hurry up and fix the healthcare problem (by tomorrow would be nice). My agent said there is a state program I can join for $900 a month with a $2,500 deductible. I think I'll just risk it and hope for the best. Yah.

Great basketball game last night against Hazelwood East. Eric's team lost to them by 20 last time they played each other and H.E. won the whole Vianney tournament last week. Well last night DeSmet BEAT them by 5. It was SUCH a good game. It was tied with 34 seconds left in the game and after 10 minutes of play (I know, I don't get that) we beat them by 5. E had 6 points. Really fun game to watch. They played well as a team. They are really coming together now that they only have 2 games left. Darn.

That's it, just getting ready for our SuperBowl party tomorrow, and tonight we are going to see Benjamin Button.


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