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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Third Place Finish and Hot Dog Test

DeSmet did lose to Hazelwood East, but it was double elimination so they got to play for 3rd place last night against Hazelwood West. DeSmet beat them 40-31. E had 7 points, and they got 3rd place out of 8 teams. DeSmet was the only "B" team in the tournament, so they did very well. Tonight they play in Belleville, Illinois. Brian and I will drive over there to watch him. I wasn't going to go, but last night he gave me (and Brian) kind of a guilt trip. "You're NOT going to go to my GAME??!!" (GASP!) I've missed ONE of this child's sporting events, and he was in kindergarten.

Some general news: My house is still for sale. Our realtor said that a lady looked at it the other day and loved it but wished it had a fireplace. Larry said, "Call her back and tell her we'll put in a fireplace!" He has workers that will do it and said it's not a big deal. I had to laugh because when we added on the new family room to that house, my mom told Larry to put in a fireplace... that it doesn't cost that much to do and if we ever sell it, people really like to have a fireplace. He didn't listen. And she was right once again. So I don't know if this lady liked it enough to buy it if we put in a fireplace. We'll see. At this point we're willing to do anything.

I just spent three hours applying online for health insurance. My COBRA runs out next week and Blue Cross Blue Shield declined me. Sheesh. I don't have any family history of cancer, I don't smoke, I am height/weight proportionate, and I don't ride a motorcycle (what a weird question to ask). They didn't like that I had back pain four years ago and that I take Effexor for anxiety. Tell ya what...don't ever change insurance companies when you're old (like me). I've always worked and belonged to my employer's group plan. They don't ask what kinds of problems you've had in the past, they just accept you...hmpf...for who you are...sniff, sniff. I feel like such a reject...hmpf...sniff. Waaaa!!!!

If you know any movie stars, be sure to have them call my brother Gary if they want their house painted. Just kidding. But really, he is painting Scarlett Johannsen and Ryan Reynold's house right now. Or maybe he just finished since I know he was on a timeline as far as getting that done, and came to St. Louis last week at a critical time. Thanks, Gare! We loved having you. We appreciate that you put us before Scarlett and Ryan. Wow, just saying that makes me feel famous..ha!

This is also going to be a sub-blog for my sister and her kids since she would never in a million years sit down and try to figure out how to do one of her own. Not that she has the time...I know, but even if she did she wouldn't do it. So the sub-blog post is that my niece Maysen, who is 8, is a basketball player in her OWN right. Her team won the other day 14-12 and she had eight of the points. You go, girlfriend. Now if Krista could ever figure out how to videotape AND send it to me via email, I would be able to post that video right But since that probably will not happen anytime in the near (or far) future, you're just going to have to imagine her running up and down the court.

Okay, here is something for fun. I got this from the TV show "The Bachelor," which I love, by the way. I really hope he picks Jillian and am glad Erica got send home. Jillian is from Canada and seems like so much fun. She has a way of weeding out guys by using what she calls the hot dog test. She determines what kind of person a guy is by what condiments he puts on his hot dog. Test yourself:

Ketchup - This is a good, strong, loyal, loving guy. He loves his mom, talks to her several times a week.

Onions - We love this guy but he never gets married; he can be kind of rude.

Sauerkraut - This is the "bad boy," the guy all the girls go for.

Mustard - this is the kind of guy we all want to settle down with. He's part "ketchup" and part "sauerkraut."

So, what kind of guy are you? Or what kind of guy are you married to? I'm married to a mustard guy. I'm a mustard girl, so we condiment, I mean, complement each other.


Unknown said...

I like Mustard, Ketchup, Onions, relish and definitely Kraut so does that make me real special? We sure do like your E-updates. There is a huge Eric fan base here in California so we can't wait each morning to get the updates.

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