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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Making Memories

This past Thursday night, my dad, Ryan, Gary, and Krista came to St. Louis to surprise Eric and go to two of his basketball games. Eric had some friends over to watch the football game Thursday night and I told Eric I was leaving to get gas in the car so I didn't have to do it before school in the morning. I went to the airport and came home the gang. Somehow the "tree family" fit in the car along with their carry-on luggage, although we had to open the sunroof for Gary's head and Ryan just bent his head so it wouldn't hit the roof. We looked like a bunch of huge circus clowns uncoiling themselves out of a tiny little car. Eric and his friends were in the driveway playing basketball (at 32 degree weather...wearing shorts). I had bought DeSmet basketball shirts for everyone, so we all put them on in the car. The clan walked casually up to Eric and asked if they could join their game. He was very surprised :)

Boy did we have fun in the short time they were here. We all went in the house and had Hamburger Noodle Bake (a family favorite) which I made for an after-flight snack. Gary had two GIGANTIC platefuls and said that was perfect for an appetizer and asked what was the entree. Thankfully we all got a little before Gary polished it off.

The next morning Krista made (I assisted) breakfast burritos for 8 (Gary counts as 2), hung out, and then Larry took Gary and Ryan on a joyride. Not sure if you call going 140 mph joyous, but it was definitely a ride. Gary drove Ryan in the Corvette and Larry drove the Porsche. They said it was fun. Scary, but fun. I'm glad I wasn't there.

At 3:30, with Krista blowing her camp director whistle and all of us wearing our DeSmet basketball shirts, we piled in the car to head to the game. And what a game it was. We played SLUH, a big rival for DeSmet, and beat them. Eric had 6 points. After pictures of us in our matching shirts, it was off to Farotto's for dinner and from there we went to the Maplewood-Brentwood game. Wow, that was interesting and out of control. Taylor Dee (my second son) got an elbow to the head and ended up getting staples. Brentwood lost, but they put up a good fight.

After that we went home, hung out and went to bed to get ready for MORE basketball. In the morning, at o-dark-hundred, before she blew her whistle, our camp director was so kind as to to serve us coffee in bed. But THEN blew her whistle she did! All campers were in the car at 9:29 AM and on our way to the next game. And it was a doozy! The team DeSmet was playing (Riverview Gardens) looked like they were all 18 years old and between 6'8" and 6'10". Okay, that's an exaggeration, but they looked good...scary but good. Eric said he was at the free-throw line and noticed one of the players had a big tattoo on his arm. Regardless, Eric played great, as did the rest of the team, and they won 39-38. Eric had 13 points and with the other team ahead by 1 with about 30 seconds left, he got fouled. He made both of his free throws, making it 39-38, and DeSmet was able to hold them off to the end. E won the game for them! It was so exciting, and I know he loved having his family there. Julie, Taylor (staples and all) and Amanda Dee were there, as were Julie's parents, Phebe and Pat, from Decatur, Illinois. E had quite the fan club.

After the game we all went to Schneithorts for breakfast. Brian joined us so we had a table for 8 (again, Gary counted as 2, and if you could have seen his plate...sheesh). The food was wonderful, but everyone was full, so we came home and took naps (okay, I took a nap) and hung out and watched MORE basketball (poor Larry). Then it was off to the airport for their trip home. They all got to go first class thanks to CDK (camp director Krista). We had the best time ever and Eric wonders when they can come back. After two wins in a row with our family there, Eric's coach even said he'll pay for the plane tickets :)

Thanks, everyone, for the memories :)


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