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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here is another video that I took yesterday. See also the two I posted yesterday. These take so dang long to upload! Kris, this one is for you since you like when they last longer. Six minutes and 51 seconds of Stella doing her head thing back and forth. Mmm...exciting stuff.

Eric has had his basketball game postponed twice because of the snow. The Tuesday-rescheduled-to-Wednesday-game is now rescheduled for next Tuesday. He does have a game tomorrow in Hazelwood.

Sad to hear about Kay Yow, the N.C. State women's basketball coach who died after battling cancer. She was a fighter and continued to coach throughout her illness. I love this saying from her - "When life kicks you, let it kick you forward."

Here's the song I posted earlier. I like this prerecorded version better. Scroll down once you click on the URL and go to the second box down where the actual video is (not the ad on top). The words are over to the right. I enjoy songs more when I can follow along with the words.


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