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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family...COME BACK!

We need the Moeller clan/E's fan club back in St. Louis. E's team lost 46-43 to Westminster last night. Such a close game that, unfortunately, was (and I know you're not supposed to make excuses, but...) determined by the refs. Oh they were awful. Same two we had when we played Oakville and our coach yelled, screamed, jumped up and down waving his arms, trying to call time out when the ref was practically standing directly next to him but "didn't hear him." Okay, calm down. I forgot, it's just a game. Anyway, it's frustrating for the kids when the fouls are 4-11 against us. I guess having the Moellers fly out here isn't going to help how the refs call the game.

So here are two quick videos of E's 2 baskets. (I DO think E's fan club had something to do with his 13 points in the one game.)

Larry is off to Arizona today. He is going with Scott Brandt to the Barrett-Jackson car auction. As he was packing, knowing it would be 10 to 15 below zero here tomorrow, he shouted out to me in the kitchen, "How many pairs of SHORTS do you think I'll need?" and "Do you think I should pack SUNSCREEN?" Seriously, he did that to me. And then as he walked out the door he had the nerve to say, "I'll call and let you know my forwarding address." I am not making this up. It's okay, SOME day (3 years, 3 months and 16 days but who's counting) we'll be able to go somewhere warm for the whole winter and come back when and only when the first spring tulip is in full bloom.


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