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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Boy

The girls hanging out

What happens when you try to make birthday signs for your son with permanent markers that explode. Luckily, most of it landed on the poster board and my hand and only some on the counter.

KC showing Eric his Happy Birthday sign from her and Stella

KC in her new jean dress

Dad and Ryan doing the dishes. Really. Look closer. This was not done on Photoshop; it really happened.

Eric, KC and Gary

KC and her paper towel war

Eric turned 15 10:17 AM. It's funny how every year on his birthday I watch the clock and in my mind go through the hours leading up to his birth...right now I got pitocin, now I got an epidural, now Krista arrived from L.A. (an hour before he was born), now I was he was just born. I wonder how long I'll keep doing that? It's interesting, though, how you forget the pain part of it and only remember the excitement and the instant, overwhelming love.

Oh yeah, so I have a 15-year-old (earth to Lynne!) who will be getting his driver's permit on Tuesday and demanding, begging, pleading to let him drive...for an entire year. Lord help me. Not sure if the muscles in my legs can stand a year of pushing an imaginary brake pedal. "Watch out! Slow down!" I may have to start doing squats and working out again in preparation (oh dread).

On the basketball front, E had a game yesterday and won 49-28 against Wentzville-Holt (wherever that is). He only had 4 points, but since some of the kids don't score at all, I think he's okay with 2 buckets. It was a tournament, so they go on to play Monday at 2:30 against Hazelwood East. Don't bother going to that game. They will get killed. And the pessimism is warranted since we watched Hazelwood play yesterday after DeSmet. They looked like a varsity team. In fact, I think it IS their varsity team. On Tuesday I'll let you know what the beating, uh, I mean the score was.

P.S. I know what ya'll were thinking...she looks way too young to have a 15-year-old. That IS what you were thinking, right?


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