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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Belleville Basketball Game

With a trip to Belleville, Illinois, via scenic East St. Louis, Brian and I ended up seeing a good game against Belleville West. DeSmet won, despite predictions to the contrary - 47-42. E had 10 points. G and R, you'll be glad to know he used the ol' pause-beneath-the-basket-while-waiting-for-the-defenders-to-go-up-then-down move. He really is getting better as time goes on, as is the team as a whole. They've won the past two games against some tough teams, although it could also be because their coach FINALLY (!) started using the press??? Not sure why it took him so long, but better late than never, I suppose.

That's it. Just wanted to post the latest winning score and E's points :)


Unknown said...

We love getting the "assistant coaches" game updates. Nice going E. Lyndzey, is E signed up for FCA camp at UCLA. I want to give the FCA camp director, Donnie Dee, a heads up.

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