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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Show 'Em What Ya Got!!

First of all, I failed to blog about the Spartan's third place finish in Saturday's tournament. They won by 2 points. Mind you, the teams they played in the tournament were all "A" teams, so they did well with their 2-1 record in the tournament. I don't remember E's stats for the game (the mind goes after a few days), but I do remember that he was in a bad mood despite their win so he must not have played well. I also know that he has scored in every game so he probably got 2 or 4 points.

Yesterday was different. E was told at school that he would start the game that night. Later he found out it was because the starting center was sick, so he was a little bummed that his starting debut was due to default and not talent. But he was fine with that. On the ride there I told him, "Show 'em what ya got!" So we got to the game and the sick center shows up. I wasn't sure if E would start, but he did. Eric ended up playing all but about 30 seconds of the game. My camcorder got a workout last night and I pretty much watched the entire game through the viewfinder. But it was fine with me! In the last video clip here you'll see Eric's coach hugging him at the end of the game, which went into double overtime and DeSmet won by 1 point. It was so exciting. After the game, all the parents greeted the players with a cheer and Eric's coach hugged him and pointed to him and said, "MVP...right here...MVP." It made Eric feel so good. Oh, I forgot to mention the reason he said that is because Eric had 17 rebounds, 5 points, and I don't know how many assists. I asked the coach how he knew Eric had 17 rebounds (because they don't have an assistant coach or kid who takes stats), and he said, "I counted! I kept track!" So E was a happy basketball player last night.

Next game is this Thursday at 4:00 - their first home game and their first actual "B" team opponent (CBC). It will be interesting to see if E starts :)

Eric is #24 maroon jersey

Rebound and a bucket...


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