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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday Basketball Game

DeSmet lost their game yesterday to Lafayette, who had some very big and tall boys. The score was 30-40 and E scored 10 points, the most on his team. He made every shot he took except for 2 free throws (also made 2 FT). A guy behind me was rooting for the other team and he said, "That #24 is really good." I told Eric that later. It was funny because the night before, at the Brentwood game, my other "son" Taylor Dee scored 28 points!! And a guy behind us with the other team said, "That #40 sure is good, and he's only a junior so we'll see him next year too." So proud of my boys! Julie said Taylor had bought new shoes that day so she said jokingly said he must have done so well because of the new shoes. She was guessing they cost about $120, but wasn't sure since Taylor went on his own to get them. After the game she said to Taylor, "I think your shoes are the reason you did so well," and he said, "I sure hope so...they're Scottie Pippens and they cost $145.00!" I had to pick her up off the floor.


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