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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In these misc. pics, we've got K.C. eyeing Eric's eggs this morning, Eric doing post-game homework (still in his uniform and shoes), a close up of his size 14's, K.C. waiting for her belly rub, and Larry and his Dad, who looks AWESOME for 95 !

E's team lost by 3 points last night. Such an exciting game, with B.J. Olden shooting a 3 with like 9 seconds left. We got the ball, and with 2.2 seconds left Coach Dressler called for a play that after the game he said he got from watching TV. It was sooo close, but our guy wasn't able to score. E only scored 2 points and had a rough game, getting into foul trouble early on. His coach is absolutely amazing with him, knowing that he was so down on himself and sitting by Eric and giving him a pep talk. So, so cute! (Oh, I forgot, we don't use the word cute in high school sports).


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