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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1st High School Basketball Game

E's team won 39-30 in the St. Charles West Tournament last night. E had four points, a couple of rebounds and assists (I earned an F as statistician, according to Eric). He played quite a bit of the game, especially because the team they played - St. Charles - had a tall player, so Eric was out there whenever he was. It was great that they started off the season with a win. Yeah! They play again tonight at 7:30. I'll let you know how it goes. The DeSmet basketball website is good about posting the scores, so if I don't post it on my blog right away, you can always click on the Schedules and Scores on the left hand side of the blog and scroll down to the white team. The score should be posted there.

If you wonder why Eric is tugging at his shorts during the game, it's because something was wrong with the drawstring, so his shorts were really loose. But it's all fixed now. Hopefully tonight he can concentrate on basketball instead of whether or not his shorts will fall off.

Eric's coach is only 24 years old. He played basketball all four years at DeSmet. Eric really likes him. He looked like an excited little kid when the team won. He has a beard and wears a tie to look older.

You can see some video below. Eric is #24 (his favorite # is 42, but since 24 is the reverse, he was fine with that :)

E's first basket is at 27 seconds in this video....

E's second basket is at 3:40 of this video...


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