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Friday, November 28, 2008

Full is not even the word...

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our house, made especially nice because I only had to set the table and everyone else brought the food! We had 12 people - Larry's mom, Dad, two sisters and their kids, myself and Eric. We got to sit at our huge, fancy dining room table where I've sat exactly three times in almost 11 years. Started a new tradition, thanks to the Dee family whose house we went to for several past Thanksgivings. Everyone picked a name out of a hat and then at dinner said something about that person for which they are thankful...funny things, nice things, sentimental things. Everyone enjoyed it, even the little ones, a few cried and couldn't say anything :) (No Dad, it wasn't me.) The food was incredible, and Eric ate all the leftovers before there were any leftovers.

This morning (the day after), we had to get up at 6:00 because Eric had basketball at 6:30. I was surprised Eric could even move after the huge dinner plus 3 pieces of pie with whipped cream and ice cream, but move he did! When I picked him up from practice at 8:30 AM he said his team (the White "B" team) beat the other team (Maroon "A" team) 31 - 25, for the second time. E scored 6 or 8 points. He came out from practice with his arms full of clothes - his away jersey, home jersey, warm ups, and also new Nike team shoes. Stylin'! This Sunday 11/30 the school is having a welcome dinner and games for all of the players and their families. Every level of team (freshman, JV and Varsity) will play a 1/2 hour game and then we'll have dinner afterwards Should be fun. Brian is going to go, along with Larry and myself, since he'll probably be going to a lot (if not most) of Eric's games and he can "scout the talent" before the big season. Oh yeah, so E is on the White team, which is good for him. He said the talent is pretty even on both teams, so they'll still be a good team even though they are the "B" team (and they've beat the A team twice!), plus he really likes the coach.


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