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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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This is my baby going bonkers this morning. Must be the crisp fall air.

Our trip to California was lots of fun. Went to the USC game and hung out at Jason's frat (where it looks like he has way too much fun and no wonder we never hear from him). We went shopping in Santa Monica and got pedicures. Larry and Eric went home and I stayed in L.A. for another 5 days with my family, did some puppy sitting for my mom and kid sitting for my sis. Then Maysen came back to St. Louis with me for a couple of days. Krista and Mark flew here to hang out and then took Maysen back home. They left yesterday at 2:30. It's been crazy fun! My suitcase is still sitting in the front hallway since I arrived home 4 days ago. Guess I'll tackle that today after I finish blogging.

While I was in California, Eric got a migraine two days in a row and had to be picked up from school. Larry took him to the doctor, who said they were just that, migraines and that they were probably from stress and that he should eat better. He was pretty debilitated by them. He's been eating healthier since then, and I've been making sure he eats breakfast in the morning. Hopefully this will nip it in the bud.

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This is my mom's 4-month-old Yorkie, Channing, and her cat, Cabo, who is not too sure about her. And yes, Channing is so excited she pees on the floor at the end.

Click here (URL below) and then click on slideshow to see Channing pics. She is so adorable and loveable.

And click here (below), then click on slideshow to see pictures of my nephew Mark with KC. Stella was there too, but she didn't do much running around now that she is the ripe old age of 6.


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