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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

California, here I come. Right back where I started from...

Just going for a visit, but we leave Friday for L.A. The whole gang - Larry, Eric, Julie, Jason, Ryan and myself -- will be going to the USC game on Saturday. Should be fun. Eric and Larry are coming home on Monday and I will be staying until the following Saturday. The plan is for me to bring Maysen back to St. Louis with me so she can spend some time with her Auntie, but that's still sort of up in the air because she would have to miss a couple days of school. The plan would be for Krista to fly to St. Louis to pick her up. So Larry and Eric will be "bach'n it" for a while without me while I spend some time in the California sunshine before I come back to UGH...winter weather. To me, Fall may as well be Winter. I haven't been out there since last Christmas, so it's my turn to "chill," er...I mean, "hang." (I hate that "chill" word...brrrrr!!)

Our meeting yesterday with the Chesterfield City Hall administrator and the head of Parks and Recreation was a little discouraging. They are completely against paying for anything to be built behind the levee, even though I showed them pictures of the property I had taken a few days after the flood we just had and on the day of the highest river level, which showed just a tiny bit of water. It would be like leaving your sprinklers on for an entire day in your yard, that's it. It was just very soaked. Apparently they don't have much confidence in the 500-year levee they built after the Flood of 1993 nor the 100-year levee that's in front of that. I don't get it. Anyway, who needs them. We'll just build it on our own. It may take a while to get people to sign up and to hold fundraisers in order to raise the money we need to build it, but build it we will :)

E Sports News: Not much going on in the way of sports unless you count Eric watching his lowly Chiefs lose game after game. Now there is one loyal fan :)

There is a meeting today at DeSmet for freshmen who plan on trying out for basketball. There are so many kids trying out that they are holding the meeting in the gym instead of a classroom like sophomore meeting. E has been playing basketball every Monday and Wednesday night still. His fall baseball team had their last game last week and E pitched an inning and did just great. Even got a hit. I must say, he strikes out VERY infrequently. He usually walks, gets a hit or grounds out (at least he makes contact!) I guess he'll start pitching lessons in December or January again. The DeSmet baseball team will be even more difficult to make than the basketball team, but try out he will!

That's about it, folks. On my way to take KC to the vet for an x-ray of her belly. Vomiting for two days in a row (one day it was remnants of hooves that she loves to chew on and the next day it was whole acorns) along with her history of coin-eating warranted an x-ray yesterday. The x-ray showed no metal or anything they could see, but her stomach was full. Today they want another x-ray with an empty belly. If it shows a full belly even though she hasn't eaten than there could be cloth or something in there that is causing a blockage. So right now she is one hungry puppy :) Hopefully that will be her only diagnosis since we are leaving to go out of town in a few days. This is becoming her M.O. it seems. Probably her way of getting back at us for going out of town. "Pay attention to me!!" "Don't leave me!"


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