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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flood of 2008

Click on the "x" for Brentwood Flood video. It was taken right by my house on Manchester.
This past weekend I half expected Noah's Ark to float by! There was major flooding all over St. Louis. One hundred businesses in Brentwood were flooded, including the dog boarding place where my dogs were staying while we were at the Lake. Fortunately, the dogs aren't actually kept at the Brentwood location; they are transported to Pacific, Missouri, which is about 35 miles away, which is where I had to drive to pick them up on Monday. Usually they are transported back to the Brentwood location, but with 4 feet of water flooding their building, I think they will be out of commission for a while.

Seventy-two apartments were flooded in Brentwood and the residents had to be rescued by boat!! Boats on Manchester Boulevard! Eric took videotape of the Brentwood baseball fields where the dugouts were covered to the rooftops, and the water was like raging rapids. A lumber company next to the fields was flooded and the water carried away tons and tons of lumber, which ended up a mile down on the railroad track and all over the baseball fields once the water receded.

A lady on the lane right behind us was killed by a tree that fell when it was hit by lightning. She apparently was taking her dog outside. She was only 49 and had 3 kids.

The only thing that happened to us was that our power was out for a few hours. Also, my house on Louis was fine, but my friend Julie Dee couldn't get to her house on Louis because she didn't have a boat with her! :)

On a lighter note. Here are pictures of my baby KC in her new polo shirt.


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