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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dog Park News

For those of you who haven't heard, Larry and I are in the early stages of opening a dog park in Chesterfield Valley. It will be on Larry's property on the east side of Hwy 40 just north of Boone's Crossing (on the outer road). This morning Larry and I met with two people from the West County D.O.G.I. - A group that formed 6 or 7 years ago to try to open dog parks in West County. They were very helpful in giving us an idea regarding the number of people who would be interested in a dog park, how far people would drive (far, according to them!), how much people would pay, etc. Apparently there are not many dog parks around and there are a lot of people who live in apartments and condos in West County who would pay to be a member of a private dog park. So we're excited about it. Stella and KC are already acting snobby (since they will be co-owners) and already giving their input as to what amenities the dog park should have (a doggy bone vending machine for Stella and a basket of balls for KC). We need to get a few hundred people to sign up as members so we have some 'dough' to work with. They would become charter members and get special 'benes' such as a two-year membership and reduced renewal fee after that. Again, it's in the planning stages, but you know Larry, once he gets his mind set on something it's full steam ahead!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, HONEY. Six more days and it we will have been married for a whole year. Think we can make it? Just kidding :) Love you!

The only Eric news I have is that he got another black eye when one of his friends threw a water bottle (joking around, I guess) and it hit him in the eye. He's got some sort of 'injury' radar in his body. So the 'cleat to the eye' injury healed in time for his school pictures next week, but now he's got a beautiful black eye that we'll have to match to a tie for pictures.


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