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Sunday, September 28, 2008


As you can see by the video, Eric was completely uncooperative with my video journaling attempt. In his communication with the paparazzi (me), it was clear that only still pictures would be allowed, so this was all I got. (I'd never make it in that business. I'd be the one getting beat with a celebrity's umbrella or my feet run over by a car.) In the short video I DID get, he was checking out his date's corsage. What happened to those times when they were hogging camera time..."Look at me!" "Look at me!"

Click on arrow to start video

I had a little more cooperation with still shots, only because other parents insisted on taking posed shots and my son showed his respect to THEM! His date, Olivia, is just a friend from Brentwood who asked him to go.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trying out the new camera on the "kids"

click on the arrow to start video :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grades and Sports News

Here are E's quarter grades. The difference between DeSmet and Brentwood is that his B+ in English is a 92, which at Brentwood would be an A, as would his 90 in Religion. His Algebra grade is an 89, which would be a B+ at Brentwood. So they definitely set the standard higher here, which is good.

English 1 Mr. Thomas Fontana B+
Spanish 1 Mrs. Carmen Bowman A
Algebra 1 Mr. Jeff Wendling B
Phys Ed 1/Health Mr. Pat Mahoney S
Biology Dr. Mariette Baxendale A+
Intro to Religion Mr. Anthony Fior B
Computer & Study Skills Mr. Ryan Sextro B+

Eric's good friend Patrick Sanner had to go to the hospital after his football game Monday. He had the ball and was hit pretty hard (E and I were at the game and saw it). We didn't even know he was hurt, but apparently he was over at the other team's bench being attended to by their trainer. Turns out he tore his spleen and fractured a rib. He was kept him overnight and doctors were going to operate because his spleen continued to bleed, but it finally stopped at 1:00 yesterday and he was released at about 4:00. He cannot participate in anything for 3 months. He is not even supposed to go to the Homecoming dance at Brentwood this Saturday for fear of someone being pushed into him, etc., but his mom feels bad for the girl he is supposed to go with, so Eric has been appointed his bodyguard for the evening :) Eric is going to the dance with a girl named Olivia, so we've (that would be ME) got to order a corsage and go clothes shopping for the big night. Will post pictures later so you can see my handsome boy.

E Sports Update (sounds like a TV show): He is still playing fall baseball. Doesn't get to pitch much because there are several pitchers on the team (and I mean SEVERAL). He does play first base a lot, which he likes. He has a game this Saturday but I think so many kids are going to the Homecoming dance that his team may have to forfeit. E is playing basketball twice a week at the St. Louis Basketball Academy through November 5th. And all I can say is, thank you Lord that he is NOT playing football.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dog Park Pics

Here are some "before" pictures of our dog park. Right now a farmer is growing corn on the property so it's kind of hard to imagine a bunch of dogs running around...

Here's also a pic of me and KC chillin' outside.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flood of 2008

Click on the "x" for Brentwood Flood video. It was taken right by my house on Manchester.
This past weekend I half expected Noah's Ark to float by! There was major flooding all over St. Louis. One hundred businesses in Brentwood were flooded, including the dog boarding place where my dogs were staying while we were at the Lake. Fortunately, the dogs aren't actually kept at the Brentwood location; they are transported to Pacific, Missouri, which is about 35 miles away, which is where I had to drive to pick them up on Monday. Usually they are transported back to the Brentwood location, but with 4 feet of water flooding their building, I think they will be out of commission for a while.

Seventy-two apartments were flooded in Brentwood and the residents had to be rescued by boat!! Boats on Manchester Boulevard! Eric took videotape of the Brentwood baseball fields where the dugouts were covered to the rooftops, and the water was like raging rapids. A lumber company next to the fields was flooded and the water carried away tons and tons of lumber, which ended up a mile down on the railroad track and all over the baseball fields once the water receded.

A lady on the lane right behind us was killed by a tree that fell when it was hit by lightning. She apparently was taking her dog outside. She was only 49 and had 3 kids.

The only thing that happened to us was that our power was out for a few hours. Also, my house on Louis was fine, but my friend Julie Dee couldn't get to her house on Louis because she didn't have a boat with her! :)

On a lighter note. Here are pictures of my baby KC in her new polo shirt.

Friday, September 5, 2008


After four days in a row of doing his homework without my prompting, reminding, or even suggesting, I decided to check Eric's temperature. "Are you feeling okay?", I asked. "Feel great," he replied. But when he came home yesterday with A's on his biology tests - one a 15/15 and the other a 33/35 - I knew something was seriously wrong. When his temperature registered a 98.6, my next thought was that perhaps someone had kidnapped my son and replaced him with a scholar! Stay tuned for the next series in the mystery of the sick or kidnapped teenager. This could get interesting...

Maybe it has something to do with his second black eye. A concussion perhaps?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Black Eye #2

Here is black eye #2. If you look closely you can still see the "cleat to the face" scar underneath the black eye. A few of his teachers have asked about it. By now they must think his mom's got a mean left hook :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dog Park News

For those of you who haven't heard, Larry and I are in the early stages of opening a dog park in Chesterfield Valley. It will be on Larry's property on the east side of Hwy 40 just north of Boone's Crossing (on the outer road). This morning Larry and I met with two people from the West County D.O.G.I. - A group that formed 6 or 7 years ago to try to open dog parks in West County. They were very helpful in giving us an idea regarding the number of people who would be interested in a dog park, how far people would drive (far, according to them!), how much people would pay, etc. Apparently there are not many dog parks around and there are a lot of people who live in apartments and condos in West County who would pay to be a member of a private dog park. So we're excited about it. Stella and KC are already acting snobby (since they will be co-owners) and already giving their input as to what amenities the dog park should have (a doggy bone vending machine for Stella and a basket of balls for KC). We need to get a few hundred people to sign up as members so we have some 'dough' to work with. They would become charter members and get special 'benes' such as a two-year membership and reduced renewal fee after that. Again, it's in the planning stages, but you know Larry, once he gets his mind set on something it's full steam ahead!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, HONEY. Six more days and it we will have been married for a whole year. Think we can make it? Just kidding :) Love you!

The only Eric news I have is that he got another black eye when one of his friends threw a water bottle (joking around, I guess) and it hit him in the eye. He's got some sort of 'injury' radar in his body. So the 'cleat to the eye' injury healed in time for his school pictures next week, but now he's got a beautiful black eye that we'll have to match to a tie for pictures.
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