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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nice to be back

Had a great time in Italy. Came home to our lively puppy, who thanks to great vets, has earned back her name "wiggle butt." Unfortunately for Stella, I spoil KC even more because she almost died and I sooooo appreciate having her back. The week after we got back from Italy we had a 90th birthday party for Larry's dad. Fifty people were invited, including relatives from California. The party was great, as was the food, and we got everyone and their walkers down the front steps safely. The next morning we all went to Lake of the Ozarks, where everyone went boating, tubing, skiing and got too much sun. Now we're home and some of the California cousins are still with us. Today Larry is showing them how to have fun. I have no idea what they are doing...something about 4-wheeling. I don't really want to know. :)

Eric decided yesterday to try out for football next Tuesday. Running back and defensive something or other (end?) Tonight he has a basketball league that is every Monday and Thursday night through August. He tried on his basketball shoes that I got him last month for DeSmet basketball camp and guess what? Right! They don't fit! Now he wears a 14. So off to the store for football cleats, basketball shoes and baseball cleats (for fall ball). Nike, he's ready for his contract whenever you're ready!


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