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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home Alone

Eric woke up yesterday morning and said, "I feel taller." So we measured him and he is 6'3" without his shoes and 6'4" with shoes, so he grew another inch. He was 6'2" but told everyone 6'3" because that's how tall he was with shoes. Jason's friend RT was here when we were measuring him, and RT, who is about 5'8" said, "I wish I could wake up one day and say 'I feel taller. I think I've grown.'" It was pretty funny.

Amazingly, after going to FOUR different stores, we found size 14 football cleats. No actually, I think they are size 13, but they run big and should last through October. So I'll let ya'll know how things went after football tryouts this Tuesday.

Jason and Larry left for California this morning. Larry is going to help with the installation of a kitchen and parking spots, including a fence, for Jason's frat at USC. Eric also left this morning for his DeSmet retreat and will be back tomorrow afternoon. HEAR YE, HEAR YE....I AM ALONE!!! It's really weird considering we've had about 10 people in the house at all times for the past week. It was amusing when yesterday I was driving Larry's cousin's kids, his nephew and his aunt to the airport and halfway there we got a call saying that their flight was delayed for five hours. Back to the house we went! Just when I thought we were getting rid of them! Just kidding. They were really fun to have around. The kids were so easy and so helpful and fun. But anyway, imagine how quiet our house seems to me right now. It's just me and the girls (A.K.A. Stella and KC).


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