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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Latest

Haven't written in a while. Summer is here and we are on the GO! Eric had basketball camp for incoming freshmen at DeSmet last week and loved it. There were 90 kids there - all going to DeSmet and most of them will try out for the team in November. Twelve kids will make the freshman "white team" and 12 will make the "maroon team." The maroon team is the better team, but with all of those kids trying out, I think Eric would be happy to make either! There are a lot of good players, some of whom Eric played against throughout his CYC years. The competition will be tough. Hopefully Eric will grow another 4 inches before November :) He said most of the tall kids want to play point guard so maybe that will help him. He said the coaches know him from previous years at the camp so they were calling him by his name and all the other kids by the numbers on their back, so that's good. Even if he doesn't make it this year, I hope he tries out again next year.

My friend Megan is coming here to visit me from California today. She'll stay for a couple of days and we're just going to hang by the pool, go to Eric's baseball game tonight, maybe go get a massage. It'll be fun. Larry and Jason are at a car auction in Illinois for the weekend so it worked out perfectly.

Next week Larry, Eric and I will be going to Rockbridge (Arkansas), our annual 4th of July trip with friends where we stay in cabins, sit by the river, fish and other than that do absolutely nothing. It's awesome. A week after that we are off to Italy for 10 days and Eric is heading to California. Somewhere in between that time he has baseball camp for incoming freshmen at DeSmet. He informed me that the baseball cleats I bought him two months ago don't fit anymore and he'll need new ones for the camp. He said his toes are starting to poke through the ends. Maybe I could just cut out some holes for his toes. If we could just hang on till next spring!

Larry's dad is slowly healing from his hip fracture. He is still at the rehab hospital, but yesterday Larry was able to take him to his house for a few hours so he could see something other than white walls. He didn't help himself any a few days prior when he tried to get out of the hospital bed at rehab to go to the bathroom when the nurses didn't come fast enough and he FELL! Thankfully he didn't break his other hip nor did he further injure his repaired hip, but Larry chewed him out royally, telling him that his stupidity is going to kill him. Seriously, though, what was he thinking?? Ugghhh.....parents!!! (Tee hee)

Oh, and one more bit of news...I got a new car. The Porsche SUV was starting to have issues and it's a bit COSTLY when things start breaking down on a Porsche. So we traded it in for a Lexus Hybrid SUV. YEP, I've gone green! I love it. We did a 3-year lease so when the battery goes out we can trade it in for something else. With all the driving I do with Eric and his sports, we had to get something that got better gas mileage than the Porsche's 12 mpg. My new car gets 26 or 27 mpg's AND we don't have to put premium gas in it like the other car.

That's all folks...I mean, Dad. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Larry's dad had surgery to repair his broken hip and will be out of the hospital tomorrow. He'll go to a rehab hospital for two weeks and hopefully up and at 'em by his 90th birthday on August 1st!

Eric's 3 on 3 basketball team is 15-2 at the DeSmet camp. Not too shabby since there are 100 kids there. Also, Eric is the only 8th grader on his team. The others are 6th graders! Today Eric got to play 1 on 1 with Kevin Lisch, who is the point guard for SLU (St. Louis University). He said he "got smoked" (his words). They played in front of all the kids at the camp. Also, yesterday Blake Ahearn of the Miami Heat was there. He went to DeSmet for high school, so that was fun for the kids for him to be there.

On the first day of basketball camp Eric put on his basketball shoes in the morning and found out his shoes were a size 11 and his feet are now a size 13. So he had to play basketball for 6 1/2 hours with shoes two sizes too small. When I picked him up from camp he said, "I'm afraid to take off my shoes; I think my toes are bleeding!" They weren't, but we went directly to Champs for a pair of size 13's. Poor kid!

E's baseball team won their first game last night! Woo hoo! Afterwards, Eric was on the phone telling someone and they asked what the score was. Eric said, "We lost 10 to 7." I said, "You mean you WON 10 to 7!" He's so used to saying "we lost." So that was exciting. Eric didn't pitch but played a great game at first. Got 2 hits, an RBI and walked.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's new?

This blog site has not been working, so I'm going to write something quick just to see. In case it does work, here's a short synopsis of what's been going on: Eric is out of school, this week is in basketball camp at DeSmet and absolutely loving it. There is a 6'5" 8th grader at the camp and then Eric is the next tallest. He loves the competition at the camp. They have 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 tournaments every day. His 3 on 3 team is 5-1.

Larry's dad fell at Lake of the Ozarks yesterday, broke his hip and was transferred by ambulance to St. Louis. He's 89 years old and moving a lot more cautiously and slowly. What a sad thing to happen to him. I think they are still deciding whether or not he needs surgery.

That's it for now. I don't want to write too much and not have this publish again!
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