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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today we went to buy Eric new shoes because the ones he has are not only falling apart, but they smell to high heaven. He's had them for 8 months so it's not surprising. He ordered custom shoes from Nike online but they still aren't here yet and it's been 4 weeks. Well, it turns out we won't need THOSE shoes after all. In fact, we need to find someone with a size 12 foot and whose name is Eric and who likes the number 42 - all on his custom shoes - because we found out today that he now wears a 13! He ordered the size 12 Nikes online thinking that he would go up 1/2 size by the time they arrived. Hah! How about a size and a half! I wonder if Nike will give me a refund :)

See shoe burning ceremony pictures --->


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