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Monday, April 7, 2008

Off to a (yikes) bad start

The Rippers lost all three of their games in this weekend's tournament. The good news? They've learned each other's names. The bad news? They only scored one run in three games. That is SO not good. The coach - always positive - says they should see this as their first three practices, considering they never practiced together on a field. More good news? I've learned after all these years of loving baseball how to keep score in a scorebook. I'm not sure why I never learned how to do it, but I definitely had the best teacher. My dad (thanks Dad!) was able to watch Eric pitch and play first while here to scout at the Cardinals game. First time he's seen Eric play a sport in 14 years. Dad, I scored the first game yesterday by myself and it was so much easier. But the second game I decided just to relax, watch and take some pictures, which I will try to download onto the Rippers website soon.

The Rippers don't play again for another week and a half, but I'm thinking it may be a good idea for the coach to hold a practice or two? In the second game yesterday, when Eric was pitching, his first baseman and second baseman fought for a pop fly..."I got it!" "No, I got it!" Well guess who got it? No one. Also, his third baseman missed two really easy grounders that should have been outs. Poor Eric. Not only did he not get any help from his fielders; he got the only good hit of the game! He had a great hard hit to left field. He came into the dugout afterwards and said to the team, "Guys, that's pretty sad if I'm the only one who gets a hit on the team and I bat ninth!"


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