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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The latest

All baseball games have been rained out for the past week so no sports news to report.

Last night Eric had freshman orientation at DeSmet. They had the boys stand up for different things such as if they had older brothers who went to the school, if they had a dad who graduated from the school, etc. Out of 311 boys, only about 20 stood up when asked to stand up if they were from a public school. Most of them are from Catholic schools. It was exciting being there though. He didn't test into any Honors classes, but he has all level 1 classes (one step down from Honors). He'll be taking Algebra, Spanish, Biology, World History, English, Communication and Drama, and P.E. It's going to be a tough first semester until he gets used to all the studying and homework!

Found out the other day I'll have a warrant out for my arrest if I don't show up for a court date in May. Turns out the person who bought my car (Jetta) didn't change the title to his name and got a handicapped parking ticket and didn't pay it. I'm going to get it all straightened out (I have the paper work to prove everything), but yikes that could have been interesting to get pulled over for a tail light out or something :) "Ma'am you're under arrest."


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