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Thursday, April 10, 2008

DeSmet Meeting

I went to a meeting at DeSmet for mothers of incoming freshman the other night. It was fun to see all the moms and how excited they were for their sons to be going there. I ran into my friend Liz, whose son Michael has been on Eric's baseball and basketball teams since 3rd grade. He is a very good athlete. It was nice to see a familiar face there. Eric's friend Charlie, who was his best friend from ages 2-5 (in daycare) is also going to DeSmet, but I didn't see his mom Mary there. I absolutely adore Charlie's parents, whom I see every so often because Eric plays against Charlie's teams in basketball and baseball. I'm glad I'll be seeing a lot more of them.

Liz and I exchanged phone numbers so we can sign up to volunteer for different things together. I think that's mostly what the meeting was geared towards...getting all the moms to volunteer for activities, auctions, dinners, fundraising, etc. They need a ton of help. Liz is also a stay-at-home mom. She's got to be THE youngest mom at the high school. She must be like 25 or something :) She's funny and fun.

At the meeting we found out that the boys will be in the same homeroom with the same kids and same teacher for all four years. At the beginning of August, each homeroom will go away to an overnight camp which will give them a chance to get to know the kids in their homeroom before school starts. They also hook the freshman boys up with an upper classman "buddy," who will also go to the camp. I love that. So when school starts they'll feel more comfortable and will already know at least the kids in their homeroom. They have several orientations, including one coming up on April 21st where they will get their test scores and meet the coaches for each sport, as well as a computer orientation where they get a lesson on their laptop (each kid gets their own laptop to take home), and also a day where only the freshmen have school so they can get to know their teachers and classes without the upper classmen there. The school also has several parent get-togethers - a Spring dinner, a pig roast, and a winetasting (I like that :) so all the parents can meet each other. It is very family oriented and sports oriented, and I'm looking forward to the next four years!


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