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Friday, March 14, 2008

More basketball news

E's team lost last night but he had another good game and his first double-double - 11 points and 10 rebounds, as well as 4 assists and 4 blocks. Brian and I took Eric and 5 friends to Applebees after the game. You would not believe how much these kids eat. But Eric ate not only his entire plate of 3 burgers, wings and shrimp but went around the table and ate everyone's leftovers if they had any. After dinner I took everyone home, but first they had to do the Chinese fire drill at every stoplight. I can't imagine what it looks like to have 6 kids pile out of a car at an intersection, run around the car and then hurry and cram themselves in every which way just before the light turns green. My gray hair is now falling out.

The school quarter ends today and report cards come out at the end of next week. Guess we'll pack our bags and hope for the best!


moejoe said...

Wow, he must take after his mother with double-double...not sure what that means:-)I can't believe you have gray hair..just be glad you have some hair to be gray.
Knee pad time, double pair. Come on E!!

Is basketball season over? Is baseball season if full swing? How often is he taking pitching lessons?


Thanks for the update.

moejoe said...

Hey, how did you like In Defense of Israel?

moejoe said...

If Trudy and I did the Chinese fire drill we would get out of the car and then forget why we got out of the car and probably just walk home:-) That would be a funny thing to watch if you are in the car next to yours.

Unknown said...

Isn't Ryan there to explain to you what a double double is? Or are you kidding.

Basketball season is now officially over. Just when he was getting good :) Pitching lessons are once a week (I've had to give up my grande hazelnut lattes to pay for it!)

Loved the book In Defense of Israel. Easy read and very informative.

That's funny about you and Trudy doing the Chinese fire drill! Ha!

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