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Monday, February 25, 2008

What's new? Eric had a basketball game yesterday. For some reason the other team was an "A" team. Eric's team is a "B" team, so of course they got killed. Eric had 5 points, 5 rebounds and 1 block. One of the parents for the other team told me their team is undefeated. Well of course they are! They are an "A" team playing their entire schedule against "B" teams! Hmmm...dat just ain't right! Oh well, good experience for our players.

Eric and I are going to Florida for spring break with Mary and her kids. There is one catch. If Eric gets a C in any class, we aren't going. This is Larry's rule. He said his kids weren't allowed to get C's and neither is Eric. I'm glad he's so strict about grades. It's good for Eric in the long run. (Why do I get punished if Eric gets a C? Just kidding :)

Breaking news: March 9th is Daylight Savings!!! Woo hoo!! We move our clocks ahead and lose an hour of sleep, but it means it stays lighter longer. Finally, light at the end of this long winter tunnel.

Keep a watch on my reading list down below, and let me know if anyone has any good book recommendations. I'm getting so much reading in because of Eric. On Saturday he had a two hour baseball practice and since we were too far away for me to drive all the way back home, I sat in the car and read the entire time.


Anonymous said...

Nice going Larry, love it. I'll bet E is studying his buns off...and mom is too:-) E might not understand it now but it definitely is for his best interest... maybe not mom's:-) oh, well you didn't want to go to nice and warm Florida anyway. I heard it is only 78 down there right now. Trudy and I will be in Jupiter on the 21st. That's pretty close to Ft. Lauderdale. That would be fun if you would be there as I could take E into the clubhouse and introduce him to the players and coaches. I'll be there until the 28th.

Love daylight savings, can't wait.

Did you get the book I sent?

Unknown said...

Didn't get the book yet, but I'll be ready to read it next week after I finish this one.

We'll hopefully be in Florida the 22nd thru the 26th? I think those are the dates. It's a Sat. thru Thurs. That would be so much fun to go to Jupiter! Maybe that will give E even more incentive to study!

Anonymous said...

The Marlins are playing in Jupiter on the 23rd and 24th so I will be watching those games. I have to go to Ft. Lauderdale on the 22nd to watch Marlins vs. Orioles. I then go to Port St. Lucie to watch Braves and Mets on the 25th. Trudy also will be there. I could take E into the clubhouse and on the field if he wants to. We stay at the Hampton Inn in Palm Beach Gardens. Do you guys know where you are going to stay yet? I'll send my itinerary and schedule.
That really would be a lot of fun to see you guys there.

moejoe said...

The Hampton Inn is only a couple of miles from the ballpark in Jupiter

Unknown said...

We are staying at the Ocean Sands in Ft. Lauderdale. We arrive on 3/22 at 10:12 PM and depart at 6:45 AM on 3/27. How far away is Jupiter from Ft. Lauderdale?

moejoe said...

It's about an hour or same distance from M.B. to San Clemente. I am watching a game in Ft. Lauderdale on the 22nd but you don't get there until that night. The Monday game in Jupiter might be better so you guys would have time to rest on Sunday. What is your schedule of things to do? How many tickets would you need for the game?

Unknown said...

First things first...we need to study!!! I'll have to let you know as it gets closer. Eric did tell me yesterday that in Math he had to "work the entire time in class" (imagine that?) to catch up on missed homework. So he's definitely trying. At first his attitude was, "Whatever...I guess we're not going," like it was a completely unattainable goal. I think he's finally realizing that he actually has the power to control whether or not he goes!

moejoe said...

I know that you really want to go but I hope you stick to your guns if he doesn't bring his grade up to a B. Because, if you give in this time he knows he can skate again next time because you will still let him go. He needs to know that you mean what you say. Actually, I think he knows that:-) How about if you still go and send him pictures of what a great time your having:-) No, let's pray that he brings his grade up. I would love to see both of you in Jupiter.

Unknown said...

I am completely ready to give up the vacation. Know why? #1 because this is Larry's rule not mine. He very clearly stated he will not pay for us to go on vacation if Eric gets a C (and he is the least I let him think so most of the time :) and #2 I know it is in Eric's best interest. I must say I am very proud of how hard he has been working these past few days as I'm pretty sure he knows we will follow through if necessary.

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